Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Disneyland 2004

Faith, Federica, Michelle at
the Happiest Place on Earth©

Time to dust off the ol' blog. Here are pictures of my trip to Disneyland. Michelle rocks as the best Disneyland guide in existence. Who needs a map when you have a personal tour guide. I definitely saw more than I have ever seen of Disneyland in one day.

The line to Pirates of the Caribbean

I was surprised when I saw Disneyland's encouragement to its patrons to waste. Well, who am I to refuse such a polite request?

Star Tours!

Star Tours was such a blast from the past. It's still got it though. Except for a little blip in the film towards the end.


Toontown was cute except for the ridiculously long lines to see Mickey and Minnie in their (separate) houses and the fact that there is not a spot of shade in the entire ... town.

The Sword in the Stone

Fede, stop showing off!

Jason joined us later that day. New heights of hilarity ensued.

Jason, me, Faith, Fede

As the sun began setting, we enjoyed a relaxing jaunt on the Mark Twain.

Fear Factor, Disneyland

Fede showing off AGAIN.

Dinner at La Brea Bakery
We ended the evening with an hour-long search for a nice-but-cheap restaurant somewhere in Universal City and settled on La Brea Bakery. The live band playing nearby had a set of about three songs, which, to compensate, they decided to repeat back-to-back. How many times can one truly enjoy a personal rendition of the Eagles' Hotel California or Clapton's Tears in Heaven? Well, I found out — not that many.

Overall, it was an incredible trip! Michelle doubly-rocks not only as as tour guide but as a chauffer too. She's a Disneyland junkie though — what is that, three times in two weeks Michelle?

More photos are at Ofoto.

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